Creating backups is a feature that's offered by most Internet hosting firms on the market. This is a very practical function since it is a guarantee that you'll not lose critical info in the event that something happens with your websites and there are plenty of possible reasons for that - another person getting access to your account, deleting content by accident, carrying out an unsuccessful update of a script-driven application, etcetera. So long as you've got a backup, the damage in any of these cases is undoable, but you shall have to take action quickly because most businesses keep just one backup a day and each new one removes the previous one, thus a delay of two days means losing everything. Our progressive backup system was developed with the idea to prevent this type of situations and it shall allow you to choose what content to restore and from which date as you'll have many backups to select from.
Browsable Daily Backups in Shared Website Hosting
The backup service is activated by default for every shared website hosting package that we offer and in contrast to other businesses, we keep a copy of your files 4 times daily. We also keep the backups for the last 7 days and we don't remove any of them, so in case you need any content from a specific day and hour, you'll be able to restore it with ease. Though our tech support team can certainly assist you with that, you won't have to lose time to contact them since all backups are available as browsable folders in the File Manager section of the Hepsia CP, which is used to manage the shared hosting accounts, so restoring a backup is as easy as copying a folder or a certain file depending on what you need. In order to avoid any unintentional deletions, the backups are in read-only mode, hence they can be copied, but not modified. When you use our Internet hosting services, you will not have to be concerned that you may possibly lose data under any circumstances.
Browsable Daily Backups in Dedicated Hosting
You shall be able to reap the benefits of our groundbreaking backup system with each semi-dedicated servers services that we offer and by default we will keep no less than 4 copies of your content each day. All backups are kept for a minimum of 7 days, so you can restore any content whenever you need it and from whatever day you need it. What distinguishes our platform from what other providers offer is the ability to look through all backups as ordinary folders in the File Manager section of your account. All the information which you shall locate there is read-only to avoid any possibility of deleting it by mistake and restoring a specific file, folder or website is as easy as copying it from the backup directory to the location inside your account in which you need it. This feature will save you time and will permit you to restore any content even in case you have absolutely no practical experience and that's the first hosting account you are using.