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At Alpha Host Concept, you can obtain a domain at an exceptional price. We offer over 50 domain name extensions from which to choose. With each and every domain registration, you can also benefit from our user–friendly and uncomplicated Domains Manager interface. You’ll be able to speedily customize your WHOIS data, to activate Domain WHOIS Privacy Protection or to find SSL Certificates for your domain names.

And do not forget that in addition, we supply totally free domain names. You can find a completely free domain name with each of our shared website hosting plans. Plus, the domain name will stay free of cost for as long as your account is active.

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Domain Name Only
TLD 1 year 2 years 3 years 4 years 5 years 6 years 7 years 8 years 9 years 10 years
.com FREE $12.50 $25.00 $37.50 $50.00 $62.50 $75.00 $87.50 $100.00 $112.50
.net $11.50 $26.00 $40.50 $55.00 $69.50 $84.00 $98.50 $113.00 $127.50 $142.00
.org $11.50 $26.00 $40.50 $55.00 $69.50 $84.00 $98.50 $113.00 $127.50 $142.00
.info $11.50 $26.00 $40.50 $55.00 $69.50 $84.00 $98.50 $113.00 $127.50 $142.00
.biz $11.50 $26.00 $40.50 $55.00 $69.50 $84.00 $98.50 $113.00 $127.50 $142.00
TLD 1 year 2 years 3 years 4 years 5 years 6 years 7 years 8 years 9 years 10 years
.com $12.50 $25.00 $37.50 $50.00 $62.50 $75.00 $87.50 $100.00 $112.50 $125.00
.net $14.50 $29.00 $43.50 $58.00 $72.50 $87.00 $101.50 $116.00 $130.50 $145.00
.org $14.50 $29.00 $43.50 $58.00 $72.50 $87.00 $101.50 $116.00 $130.50 $145.00
.info $14.50 $29.00 $43.50 $58.00 $72.50 $87.00 $101.50 $116.00 $130.50 $145.00
.biz $14.50 $29.00 $43.50 $58.00 $72.50 $87.00 $101.50 $116.00 $130.50 $145.00

Domain Manager

One–stop domain management solution

The Domain Manager is part of our hosting Control Panel and includes all the features that you need to administer your domain names. It has an easy–to–use interface via which you can modify DNS settings, update WHOIS info, lock your domain or create sub–domains with one single click of the mouse.

Via the Domain Manager tool you could even buy more services like Whois Privacy Protection and digital certificates.

Domain Manager

Multiple Domain Management

Multiple domain control done efficiently

Our Domain Manager will grant you full control over multiple domains. Just choose the domains whose settings you intend to to customize and select the action that you’d like to carry out. You’ll be able to renew the specified domains, to edit their WHOIS data and even to change their name servers at once.

The option to manage multiple domain names simultaneously will help domain name owners save time on common domain name administration tasks.

Multiple Domain Management

Multiple Custom DNS Records

A, AAAA, MX, CNAME records and much more

From the Custom DNS section of the Domain Manager, you can edit various types of DNS records for your domains, among them A, AAAA, MX, NS, SRV, CNAME and TXT resource records. Adding a new resource record is incredibly easy. Just pick a domain name and then specify the record that you want. Any change you have made will be reflected live within just 24 hours. In case you’d like to reset the previous record value, simply click the Revert button.

The Custom DNS section also includes a GeoIP location tool, which enables you to point visitors from a specific geographical location to a given language version of your site.

Multiple Custom DNS Records

Whois Privacy Protection

Safeguard the publicly available data connected with your domain

When you register a domain, the WHOIS information pertaining to it, by rule, becomes immediately exposed to the general public. In the Domain Manager built into your Control Panel, you can find a WHOIS protection option that will help you conceal your private details by substituting them with our contact information.

The WHOIS protection feature is available with most of the top–level domain name extensions offered on our site: .com, .info, .biz, .net, .org, .co,, .me, .tv, .pro, .cc and

Whois Privacy Protection

Domain Locking

Theft–proof your domains

With Alpha Host Concept, you will be able to easily protect your domain name from getting taken away without your knowledge by "locking" it at your current registrar. This will not affect the way the domain name behaves in any way whatsoever, but will momentarily stop all domain transfer requests.

If you want to to transfer your domain, you can easily unlock it. Locking/Unlocking a domain is truly simple and requires just one single mouse click.

Domain Locking

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